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Black Blackhead Remover Vacuum Tool

  • ✅ POWERFUL BLACKHEAD VACUUM REMOVER PORE VACUUM - Can effectively removes the oil, impurities and dust particles in the large clogged pores; blackhead remover pore vacuum removes blackhead.
  • ✅3 SUCTION LEVEL DISPLAY – Choose the most appropriate suction levels for your different skin comforts and know clearly which level of the indication light. Blackhead Vacuum Remover.
  • ✅Safe and very Effective: Black head remover cleans blackhead by vacuuming pores.
  • ✅ How to Use: 1. Use hot towel for 3-5 mins. 2. Use the device with right setting as per your skin type 3.Apply makeup to close your pore when you finish
  • ✅ Strong suctions with 6 different Nozzles for different functions that helps to open and clean pores. Also, relieve Eye fatigue.
  • ✅ Whitehead remover tool, blackhead strips, blackhead suction face clean vacuum pore sucker electric blackhead remover acne vacuum pimple vacuum pore cleaner blackhead tool face sucker cleaner pores nose blackhead remover skin vacuum acne remover.

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